“Do you accept commissions?”

Not at the moment, no. Join my mailing list and I will let you know first if that ever changes (and in the meantime I promise not to spam you. You’ll get occasional updates if I am doing anything interesting, and occasional works for mailing list subscribers only).

“Do you do sketches at conventions?”

Quick book doodles, but generally nothing larger than that.

“Can I get a piece of your art tattooed?”

On your own body? Sure. If you want to get in touch and get an official yes from me then reach out on Twitter or IG.

“I have a project I want you to work on. Are you available?”

Probably not. I occasionally take on projects with people who have prior experience in making things, but my work plate is looking pretty full at the moment. If you’re serious, then you can contact me over on my folio site.

Do you mint NFTs?

Nope, and unless the culture around them changes dramatically: I am very unlikely to to ever do so. If you see a piece of my artwork being used as one then it’s unauthorised. They’re not my jam.